SVG Spring Summer 2019 Collection 

Ivy Manor

“Ivy Manor was built for your getaway and retreat. Surrounded by nature and filled with fruits, animals, flowers, and wheat, It’s a place for you to relax and rehab. Have brunch with fruits and healthy wheat, enjoy your afternoon with cats, and feel Ivy grow under the moonlight. Your game is not just 18 holes but your state of mind. This is where I want to take you to. “ - Minnie,Designer


“I’ve traveled to Heidelberg. Goethe had left his heart in this historically romantic place. It’s the most beautiful place for Mark Twain. As I walked around, I saw beautiful college girls cycle through school. All the sudden it started to drizzle, colorful umbrellas filled the scene yet everything seemed only more bright in this town of youth. Slowly the sun came back out, and people came out to the green in laughter. I want to share what I saw with you.” - Cecilia, Designer

Tokyo Edition

- by Ena

Kick the Street

“Kick the Street” collection brings street style to golf design. Using white, gray and black as core color and adding pop colors for impact.

Rainbow Blast

“Rainbow Blast” is inspired by market-favorite rainbow element. Bright expressive color usage is core to this collection. Let your joy blast on the green!

Sporty Marine

Marine style is essential for summer days. “Sporty Marine” mixes marine style with golf sportswear for added newness. White, navy and black color usage combining with stripes and buttons freshen up your game style.